Dr Claudia Matus is Director of Research and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She leads the research line on bio-socio-cultural inclusion in education at the Center for Advanced Studies on Social Justice. Her research interests include subjectivities and post-representational theories, place and movement theories, curriculum theory, and policy. In the last few years she has been publishing inspiring works in those areas, especially on issues concerning normalcy and difference in schools and universities as well as internationalization in higher education institutions. Her insightful analyses are infused with theories of space and time, postanalysis approaches, and cultural studies and gender frameworks. She has significantly contributed to deepen scholars’ understanding of the meanings and contradictions surrounding the concept of inclusive education. Her most recent book, Imagining Space and Time in Universities: Bodies in Motion, presents a critical scrutiny of discourses and practices of globalization and internationalization that throws light upon the construction of normative ideas of the student, the revitalization of narratives of nation, the consolidation of notions of progress, the reinscription of traditional performances of gender, and the proliferation of imaginations of the stranger.